How many times is ok

How much should you masturbate each day or every week? If so does it matter how long you do it?

No rules here mate - whatever you feel like. Be aware how it makes you feel though. There is potential impact on your overall sex satisfaction and drive as if you are fully satisfied by masturbation you may not be so keen when a person comes along for an sexual encounter.

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I’ve found mojo exercises changing my perspective so now I masturbate less often but with longer slower sessions where you actually feel what you’re doing (no porn involved) - this is so much more satisfying.


Thanks man this helped me I was just curious to know how some people do it because I haven’t been a streak holder :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: but thank you for taking time out of your day or night to respond :grin:

I think this is my issue. I get morning wood and random erections throughout the day, but when my girlfriend and make out and start fooling around with the intention of sex, I can’t get hard. I can if I masturbate, but she wants me to get hard from her and not masturbating. I’m afraid of losing her