How are you finding the directed masturbation exercises?

The male voice was proper weird at first, but I guess you adapt to it. Still weird, but a lot of useful stuff in there.

It was different. I climaxed by touching my self in a way that in usually do not

Work on spectatoring and self judgment

Going to practice. I can’t get aroused by light touch yet

The touch and different pressure is enjoyable. I want to work on being more in the moment and less still concentrating on getting hard and instead enjoying the touch and process

The touch was subtle but mildly enjoyable, and i wonder if it would increase through further sessions

I don’t enjoy the sensation of touching my balls so that was unpleasant for me. It’s definitely something I should work on.

The male voice., Tingling sensations, getting in touch with my body, the hardness it creates in my cock, the feeling in my ball sack, great orgasm.

Female voice was annoying

The male voice was very soothing and relaxing. Waaaay better than the rushed non soothing lady from the exercise one.

Pleasantly surprised. Wasn’t ground breaking but can see with time it hopefully will help. Preferred the wan to the man

I’m struggling to get an erection with these exercises, and I know it’s ok that I don’t, but somehow it doesn’t make me feel good. I usually enjoy light touch.

I’m just not experiencing what it says I am or should be. I’m sort of in a slump and back believing this will never improve. And then I just think that at some point my boyfriend will have had enough of his needs not being met and none of this will matter

Light touch feels enjoyable i just want to be less anxious

The light sensations on thighs etc is enjoyable. I still need to work on getting aroused from light touch

Just like everyone else the female voice wasn’t relaxing for me but the male voice was for the second day. I’d prefer a more relaxed female voice. The main thing I need to improve in these exercises is focusing. My brain fog prevents that.

The day one session spoke too fast. This was a more enjoyable pace. Didn’t feel as strong a sensation as I would have liked. Hoping that continuously working on this will help

Dont really do much for me right now. Still figuring it out i Think

It feels like I’m just going through the motions without results at this point.

Very good. Doing this made me think about how my penis feels TO my hand, not just in my hand. Thinking about it from both sides makes the experience deeper.

I know they can be helpful the more I do them. Spectatoring is definitely something I do, and I would love it if this could help me stop that.