How are you finding the directed masturbation exercises?

Can we get a girl for this recodring

I’m having issues getting used to becoming aroused by light touch. Also, would prefer a woman’svoice to a man’s voice (though not the woman from the first exercise).

It was good fun to do and helped me focusing more touch

Is very uncomfortable with a male voice - much prefer a female voice

This was good and affirming for me. I’ve been unable to get it up for even masturbation most of the last two months. This worked (I continued until I came), and I achieved it without the super-human effort it’s been taken me the few times I did last month.

I’m desensitized from many years of death-grip, so it’s going to a while before I start to feel fully present and responsive in these exercises.

I want to enjoy the physical sensations in and of themselves more…being more present and in my body than focusing on climaxing.

I always struggle not to focus on how hard/soft I am, this was great in starting to find how to shift focus only on the pleasant sensation.

The male voice made me uncomfortable and distracted from the exercise.

It was a good exercise but like many others i wasn’t hard and it kept bothering me

They’re fine, but honestly having trouble setting aside private time to do it.

Having a mans voice is pretty offpytting to me even thought he had a better pace and script

I found it relaxing but not really arousing

I didn’t love the female voice. It fell like she was ordering me around, and that made me disconnect from the experience a bit. The male voice was much more soothing. Not sexual, but like he was in the moment with me.