How are you finding the directed masturbation exercises?

Would prefer a females voice for this exercise

It’s nice to be in “touch” mode, but I’m still getting in my own head about a lot of this. Maybe I’ve brainwashed myself, but it used to be so easy for me to get hard, and now it feels like a low-level miracle if it happens. Gonna keep pushing through though.

I like them

This exercise helps me be more present so that I’m not spectating as much as I usually do

the woman sounded like a business woman - all very objective and next steps in approach

I’m finding it really hard to be aroused from touch alone I think I have conditioned myself to spectatoring and visual stimulation over the years. Will have to keep practicing

Good to try something new. Spectator info is a killer :joy:

I took about a week long break between day 1 and 2 because of life but it was amazing to just come back in and ground myself with these exercises


I honestly preferred the female voice on the first exercise… I’m not sure why, but I felt as though that voice came accross as more relaxing for me… Also on a sidenote, I think I’m beginning to think that I enjoy the meditations far more than these guided masturbation sessions…

I want to work on noticing every sensation during sex

Having the touch of other body parts lightly has always felt good but have probably lost that a bit of recent times

I am finding it hard to focus on sensations. Much work needed

I enjoy the experience of coming at it from a blank slate point of view. I’d like to work on visualization alongside the guided masturbation. And for the record, I thought the female voice was hot and spunky!

This was my best session yet. I was actually able to get erect without any other stimulation. I was flaccid for most of the session until the end. I think I learned how I like for my flaccid penis to be stimulated!

Yes it was good not to focus on being erect.

I am pleasantly surprised by the feeling I’m getting and how responsive my penis is being at times

Definitely need to give this time.

I like them and think it’s what I need

Continue to reduce spectatoring