How are you finding the directed masturbation exercises?

I would further prefer the male voice was more relaxing and more soothing than the female, I get hard either with light touch the time :slight_smile:

Enjoyed just focusing on light touch without it trying to be overtly erotic. Funny how I’d feel worried about whether I was getting hard at times, just like i do sometimes with sex, however I’d keep refocusing on the sensation of touch.

I’m still completely focused on whether I am getting hard or not… I know I’m spectatoring and I’m recognising it but still continuing

I enjoyed taking the time to feel all the different sensations in the area. I need to work on getting distracted or telling myself what I should be feeling

The touch sensation is very enjoyable.
Working on surrendering to sensations without any thoughts checking if something happens with the penis

Would much prefer a female voice but at the same relaxing tone of this voice (the day 1 voice was painful). It is enjoyable to not feel shame when masturbating and not to be so over stimulated. Focusing on the touch helped with spectatoring.

I find it enjoyable, but I’m just not sure where to go afterwards. should I finish by masturbating how I always would? But overall it’s definitely helping me enjoy touch more

Just not able to feel much, the sensations do little for me, sure temperature differences, sure pressure differences and texture but none of that was arousing or ‘enough’ to fill my mind. I couldn’t amplify something that wasn’t there. I think I have great difficulty getting aroused by touch alone, if it was another person touching me that’s different, that’s exciting and the unexpected can happen. But just touch, no imagination, no visual, not much happened at all… :frowning: I’ll try more because that’s how mindfulness improves but it’s a struggle

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Good question. Once you’ve finished the audio exercise, you’ve done the work. So you can do whatever you like — masturbate as usual, continue exploring with curiosity, cum or don’t cum, or just stop altogether.

Hope that helps. Good luck :hugs:

Helpful, because after using drugs my body kind of forgot what it liked and all so this was helping me figure out what touches feel good again and what turns me on more so yeah I feel it is working well.

Light touch is not my best friend with arousal but it seems today sparked a little more. I think the more I practice the better it will get. Would have preferred a female voice but the voice for this was just fine.

Would have preferred a female voice for the second session but I did like the tone and tempo of the voice in the second session

Touching everywhere else and really focusing on it. And also feeling spectatoring coming on and then dealing with it. I feel that I carve out a new neural pathway when I do this and it makes me feel good and hopeful.

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they are good but difficult i just want my penis to feel normal again

New and redound sensations and erogenous zones are great!

I think really beginning to focus more on the sensations specifically is helping break that spectatoring habit slowly

First session I didn’t really feel it, second session i started to get hard. I am interested to see how the techniques help me develop more control over how hard I can get and getting too excited too quickly.

I enjoy the reset and being directed where to focus.

I can’t stand the voice; i couldn’t do this exercise at all it was far too jarring

I thought the male voice was slightly robotic, kept reminding me of Siri. Varying the approach I take and focusing on sensation was surprisingly pleasurable and allowed me to discover techniques I haven’t tried before.