How are you finding the directed masturbation exercises?

I would definitely rather have a female voice telling me how to arouse myself with soft touch rather than a male voice but it would be better if she slowed down. I think this is a great exercise because it will train my brain and body to get aroused by gentle, soft touch rather than a phone screen with a naked body on it.

They work well.

I’d like to explore these exercises with a partners touch!

I need to work on getting aroused with touch only as I’m normally very visual

His voice was great, much smoother than the females from yesterday. But they being said, I enjoyed applying different pressure and really paying attention to temperature. I think this really showcases the journey of masturbation and not the destination don’t even know if they makes sense, but it was very helpful to get out of my head. I didn’t even mind the light touch.

Didn’t really like the male voice

its helpful direct the attention to the sensation vs monitoring my body. Something to praxtice during sex

I like them much more than the meditations

This time (2nd meditation) the pace of the man voice and tone was perfect. Previous one had me feeling I was in hurry, definitely to fast for me.
Still spectatoring, way to much for myself.

I felt a bit weird that it was a man telling me what to do but I just trusted it. I feel like I can feel more but it doesn’t arouse me very much more just feels like it tickles

It’s a bit odd at first but i think changing my relationship with masterbation could help massively with my experience of sex

I want to break away from the habit I’ve built while masturbating. I know exactly how I like to be touched to get the job done so when a partner does something different it can sometimes put me into that spectator mode to see if what they’re doing is going to work. I need to stop relying on my tried and tested methods

Working on not spectatoring is a big deal for me and this was a wonderful exercise to help with that

Feeling a little frustrated because I don’t have a problem getting an election the problem is keeping it when I penetrative and it doesn’t feel sensitive

Staying focused and enjoying the experience.


I realised very much have been on auto pilot when masturbating. Same routine, often not even that hard.

This exercise really got me into sensations I was experiencing rather than just staring at porn.

I enjoy it the climax I get after I do the excercise

I want to work on my focus on what I’m doing.

No dude!!