Help with lifelong ED. NEED SOME HOPE

I have had my penis just not work the first time with new partners and I was always an awkward teenager who couldn’t talk to girls and struggled to make close friends. Due to this I was nervous about sex and not being able to have sex or perform and if it’d happen. I lost my virginity at 21 and had some amazing sex with my second girlfriend but with my first who was way more experienced I was nervous but still got hard and got her off but found it hard to get off myself. My second girlfriend was better and we had some amazing sex but the first time I couldn’t get it up and I’m with a new partner and it’s been a while with COVID that a while is years and I couldn’t get an erection this weekend when we had sex for the first time.

I really need help :person_facepalming: I’m 22 gay I don’t get as hard I’ve never had full on sex but I’ve kissed and dry humped but I couldn’t get hard …even when I musterbate I have an erection and it goes away and comes back I stopped a bad habbit 2 months ago “prone musterbation” you can look it up… and I am trying to stop watching porn because I use to watch every single day since 2 weeks ago …is there anyone who used to do “prone musterbation” and has ED

Hi guys, I have experiencing ED since 2 years that started possibly with minoxidil or cannabis and now added element of psychological I believe. It started with either cannabis use or I believe when I took topical minoxidil for 5-8 months. Has anyone experienced issues because of minoxidil or cannabis use? Any tips to treat or if anyone with similar experience?

I’d heard of finasteride (Propecia) causing ED, but not minoxidil (Rogaine). However, there seems to be a small percentage (<10) of men that indeed experience sexual side efects from minoxidil. While there arent many published studies (that I could find), there seems to be quite a number of anecdotal reports on various forums about men suffering from ED after starting minoxidil. Yikes!

Here men are trying to limit hair loss and end up with a limp dong! Double blow to the ego. Personally, Id rather come to terms with baldness than have ED as a result of a medication that isnt imperative to your physiological health.

Id say try stopping Rogaine for a few months and see if the ED improves. You may lose some hair in the process, but totally worth it should it work. You may not…I stopped minoxidil during much of the pandemic out of laziness. Subjectively, it didnt seem like I lost more than had I been diligent with uninterrupted use.

Now, as for the cannabis…studies seem inconclusive. Some support low sperm count and some ED with frequent or “overuse,” while others show no statistical significance in either. Also, the weed may help with (performance) anxiety…or make it worse.

Problem with studies and statitics is they give an idea about groups of people, but dont say how a given treatment will impact you as a unique individual.

Id say give it a shot - try discontinuing minoxidil (or pot) for a few months and see what happens (if you do both simultaneously, you dont know which is the culprit, but it could also be both together). Good luck, curious to hear your results!!

Is anyone struggling with porn induced ED? If so, what did you do to get over it?

I suffer from Ed from an ex wife who treated me like crap and walked out of my marriage with no reason or excuse… I take blues for sex with my new partner who I love however I don’t feel like a man and I haven’t told her

Psychological ed

Hey bud I hear you, we all do. It feels debilitating and as much positive self talk that I do I still am failing when I want to perform. I know it’s in my head but I can’t get it out of my head. I just started seeing a woman that is very sexual but I have already repeatedly failed getting hard when it’s needed. I feel like a loser. I’m here, so I am trying to find a path to resolution but so far, no dice.

Has anyone with diabetes found a way to overcome ed? I have tried everything! Medications, the pump and Trimix injections. Trimix does work, however reaching orgasm is almost impossible. My wife and I have been married for 44 years. We are both in our mid sixties. We both enjoy sex, but when you can’t hold up your end of the deal it gets very frustrating. So I guess you could say it’s both physical and mental for me. Other than diabetes I am fairly healthy, but just wandering if anyone else has a similar situation?

Hey, I think my issue may have started with cannabis use and then the added psychological element. Not sure if I have tips at this stage but trying this program now and hoping for the best :grimacing:

I have this same issue