Has anyone ever actually recovered from ED?

I have been suffering from ED for 10 years and seen a number of therapists all to no avail. And I’m starting to wonder has anyone actually gone from long term ED to be able to have a strong erection and have the sex they want. Or is it being cured a myth ?

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It sounds like you have been throwing the kitchen sink at it for years. Has your work on yourself with therapists etc. always been solo or with partners?

Some forms of ED caused by physical traumas are irreversible but if you think your problem is psychological then there is no reason you can’t conquer it. What have you tried over the years?

Always been solo. Can’t get a partner due to the ED and the problems it causes.

I’ve seen hypothetapists and psychosexual therapists and other more general ones.

And from being on here I wondered if anyone had been cured. Especially as the recorded therapy sessions end before the chap is even cured. So I’m not filled with hope that people ever are cured, even if psychological.

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I have a long history of psychological ED. For the best few years relying on viagra to get it up.

Recently I have wanted to kick this. I found the break through moment to be when I discussed the whole thing openly with my new girlfriend. I was very nervous about this but it massively took the pressure off.

At first my erections were weaker but i have seen improvement and they are getting stronger the more I relax.

I also found learning and reflecting on the causes of ED - ‘spectatoring’ and ‘fight or flight’ really useful as I remind myself to calm and not do this during sex.

One other thing i find really helpful is situations where sex isnt definitely on the cards takes the pressure off- like if we were about to go out so a bit of relaxed foreplay and stuff can happen without the pressure of ‘sex is definitely going to happen’… then it often does.

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Thanks for asking such an honest question.

I think both the previous posters are on to something… with the physiological issues, do you have natural erections in the morning or in context other than sexual situations? If not, perhaps something in the piping is suspect.

Regarding psychological issues, I’ve experienced significant improvement over the past few months working through the mojo platform. I’ve become more relaxed in my sexual experiences, more accepting of however my body decides to “show up”, and less focused on outcomes. All of which has increased my arousal.

Finally, I find it interesting that you think you cant get a partner due to ED. Previously, when I had greater psychological ED issues, I would would be open and honest with my partners about my body’s arousal issues. The vast majority were understanding and we still had a wonderful time connecting sexually, sans penetration.

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Have you recovered then ? Are you able to get a proper erection when you want ?

I think what is important to understand is barely anyone gets it up at will.

But i have surprised myself how much i can both get up and keep up during sex.

Key for me was being open with a partner who was understanding. Once I felt completely relaxed during sex it got much better.

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Yeah I think men are less understanding than women in regards to being accepting of ED than I expected. I thought would be the other way around.

Surely getting a bf/gf isn’t the cure ?


Your story is exactly my story. :frowning:

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Hi all, I wanted to actually come back onto the Mojo forum to say that this site / course really helped me with my ED and I haven’t really had issues since the 1st week of the course (give or take some small moments of ED but I was able to get over it quickly in the moment).
For me what helps most

  1. Focusing on the sensations and what feels good (penis and all around my body)
  2. Being very open with my partner and talking it all through
  3. Completely cut out porn and minimised masturbation
  4. Acknowledging that my penis can have moments where it’s not fully erect and thats fine… it will go and come back.
    I really hope this can help someone else out there often you only hear doomsday stories because if people get over ED they aren’t going to come back and write anything.
    All the best out there!

The original post asks if anyone has cured this problem, I think what many people are saying is that we experienced improvements but aren’t perfect. Which if we’re being realistic, should be the goal.

I’ve struggled with psychological ED my entire life. Using the techniques from Mojo (and described in the post above), I’m working to strength the ‘muscle’ between my brain and my penis. I’m combining this with honest communication with my partner. For me, this combination has either helped improve my performance or, when it hasn’t, has helped me feel better about the experience.