Haven’t had sex in almost 4 years because of anxiety

As the title reads it’s almost been 4 years, I’ve basically given up. Every partner I’ve brought home in the last 4 years I’ve either been too drunk (drinking helps the anxiety) or anxiously turn into a mess. Recently went on a holiday to Thailand, thought paying for a female might help but nope still got extremely anxious. I have little faith in website actually working but, I don’t even crave sex anymore it really hurts me. I’m lost and withering with this

I can relate. I know the pain you live with well. I also drank heavily all thru my 20s and 30s to cope with my all consuming anxiety and still turn to it when things get really bad. I too feel lost and fear dying alone. I was going to suggest a sex therapist but it sounds like your anxiety affects all corners of your life. I would find yourself a good CBT therapist and then once you gain some ground with your generalized anxiety considering seeing a sex specialist. The book DARE by Barry McDonagh is great for gaining some ground with your anxiety.

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