Has anyone else dealt with pelvic floor dysfunction or any other chronic penile and/or testicular pain?

I have been dealing with chronic pain for about 5 years now. Sexual encounters and even masturbation can cause penile and testicular pain for me that will last for days sometimes.

Is anyone else dealing with this or something similar? I have been down a verrrry long and tough road, happy to help others in whatever ways I can.

I am looking into whether my pelvic floor is hypotonic or too tight which can affect blood flow

Yes I have chronic pelvic pain syndrome which triggers from sex and masturbation. I found a great book called a Headache in the Pelvis by Wise and Anderson. However I think this is a condition that has to be managed rather than cured. What have you found that works to relieve the pain for you?

ive never heard of this, can you tell me more as i may have the same issue

Theres a lot online abt the impact of either a weak or an overtight pelvic floor. If its weak you can rehab w kegels or too tight by loosening w stretching etc. usually a physical therapist helps. The reason i thought it might apply to me is i generally am very tight, i had crazy bad constipation as a kid, and i pee very very slowly. Lot of these things are mentioned as symptoms.

I dunno - im always looking into physical causes of ED since it can be hybrid -for ex a small physical aspect makes it slower to get erect which leads to psych ED and the vicious cycle starts!

If you check out the recent mojo course on stretches youll see info there on pelvic floor

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I actually went to Dr. Wise’s clinic. It was helpful in some ways, not in others. As far as what I’ve donw, I have tried mannny different things and have gone to many different specialists. Each person’s case is different, so I think if you went to a physical therapist who specializes in the Pelvic Floor, they can help you figure out what/where these issues are in your body (tight muscles, trigger points, nerve entrapments, etc)

The things that help me are-- managing stress, meditation, muscle rolling and stretching, cycling classes.

I have pelvic floor dysfunction and see a physiotherapist who helps manage the symptoms. I’d recommend this website for further information.