Hard to get erection, it s not full

I M 25 years old and I ve been struggling with ed flr the past 2 months. Recently I ve started doing kegel. My test level is almost max but I still have issues getting erections. I ve uses ed pills such as maraton forte for the past 2 weeks and they had success till recently when they don t work anymore? What can I do? Any more blood tests? Any suppliments? I m trying to stay more focused on feeling since I reckon it s psyhogenic ed. Any tips would be apreciated. In the past I would get my dick hard simply by looking at a woman. Also, I ve been with the same woman in the past 4 months.


You could try some maca powder (not to be confused with matcha!). It is very energising, and basically increases blood flow all around the body to the extremeties, including the legs, arms, and penis. Take some every morning as a routine, and then if you know you’ll be sexually active at night, you could take some more in the evening. It should help, but be warned it is very energising, so don’t take too much late in the day as it may stop you sleeping!

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Black maca pills are ok? Also what about muira puama

Never tried black maca to be honest! I just get an organic maca powder on Amazon and works a treat. Never heard of muira puama!