Physical vs. Psychological...or both

Been reading some of the articles and blogs on here and I’m starting to get a little concerned that my ed might be part physical. I don’t get hard during sex, I don’t get morning wood and I got get fully hard when I jerk off. I got my testosterone checked and I’m actually pretty high for my age group. Blood pressure is fine, so I guess I’m asking what else can it be? I don’t get random erections throughout the day, so I’m at a loss.

Hello, what you eat? do you eat healthy? maybe what water you drink, what clothes you wear, what you cook on… all these things matters in balancing hormones. But I have everything un check and I get morning wood every other day, I think it depends how much i didnt have sex for and how much im thinking of my woman

I eat pretty clean, I usually keep my protein intake high because I work out 5 days a week. My workouts are intense, I usually wear casual clothes, don’t smoke.

I had this exact same thought before I started mojo. I also take topical finasteride so I thought that I just couldn’t get it up without a pill. I could get hard to porn but no morning woods etc. That started to change though when I did the guided masturbation stuff and just overall lowered my anxiety about erections. I’d say stick with the programme and it will work. Maca Root is also a good supplement for increasing sex drive

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