First time with a fleshlight

Uh, wow. Put together a little diy Fleshlight based on some advice and stories on here and on Reddit. Night and day between that and a hand. I can completely understand the idea of training with a device like that compared to masturbation with your hand. This could be a game changer for me. Penetration sets me off (and I know it’s psychological too and obviously working on that) so getting a lot closer to replicating that sensation will help me be able to control my breathing and PC muscle in a much more “realistic” feeling.


How did you make one? If you don’t mind me asking

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Incredibly rudimentary…

A hand towel, some bubble wrap, a nitrile glove two rubber bands, and some lube.

Bubble wrap goes inside the hand towel. Hand towel probably folded in quarters give or take. Secure with the rubber bands. Stuff the glove into one end. Work it open/manipulate the opening, and lube it up. Was able to kind of hold it down on the bed and actually thrust into it. I think actually having to thrust like that and keep the breath steady and not tense up is where I think it will really help me. That and the penetration part. But yeah, it had me flip from “doing ok” to “we about to get to PONR” significantly quicker.

Got some work to do.

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For a fast one : with a nitrile glove, 2 sponge and a thick plastic glass or a Pringles box. Glove between the sponges, everything in the glass/box, turn the elastic of the glove over the edge of the glass/box. Voilà.

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Voila? More like Vulva!

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