Finally some successful sex

I’m 17 y.o. and was having trouble getting hard enough to put the condom on. I did research on my problem, and decided to start using Mojo and stop masturbating. I didn’t finish all the lessons from Mojo, but it did help my confidence a bit. Until I was able to fix my ED, I was using honey packets with my gf. Those worked pretty well, only had to use them for a few weeks until last night. I didn’t have any honey packets on hand, but I tried anyways, and I was able to get the condom on. What helped me was I asked her to kiss me while I put it on, and once it was on we wasted no time to get started so I wouldn’t get soft. If we switched positions, we did it quickly. If you’re having the same problem I did, I highly recommend to stop masturbating. I believe that’s the main reason I wasn’t able to get it up. The grip you use when masturbating is much tighter than any women’s vagina, and sex won’t feel as good or sensational as your hand. Stop masturbating for a few weeks to re-sensitive your penis, keep using Mojo, and try again.


Really unnecessary comment, Anon65… . We’re all here at different stages of life, trying to work on our issues. Why the need to cut somebody else down?


Congratulations on your recent sexual experience with your gf. It’s sometimes difficult to put a condom on during foreplay and I liked how you asked your gf to help. :slightly_smiling_face:
Your comments about masterbation are sensible and I will abstain for a few weeks like you suggested.
Good luck my friend. :+1:


Dude, unhelpful, why are you even here? It is so common for guys that age to be nervous and anxious about sex.

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Why? Did you get happier after posting that?

What’s a honey packet?