Fight or Flight Response

I believe I have discovered my “fight or flight” response kicking in when I think about sex or masturbating. It feels like my heart falls into my stomach. This is probably my inner critic. I’m hoping with this app (which I’m only 2 days in) will help fight it. Trying to remain calm. At least I’ve identified it, which I used to believe was a normal response but now realize it’s my own anxiety.
Here’s hoping the box breathing will help it subside.

As a fellow sufferer of performance anxiety, it’s about breathing and mindset. I don’t have it mastered, but I’m a little better at controlling the physical effects of the anxiety (racing heart, shaking, feeling cold) when it kicks in as I anticipate sex with my wife.

I also realized how much I naturally breath from my upper chest instead of diaphragm/belly. This is a contributing factor in a lot of other ailments/issues I deal with.

So I’ve focused a lot on the box breathing and really breathing with the belly going out on in inhale. I also focus on relaxing the PC muscle (reverse kegel) at that time because I noticed I also carry a ton of tension/anxiety there.

And mindset. I’m a firm believer in positive mental imagery and the inner coach. Staying mindful of the moment and don’t let the thoughts carry you to the panic.

So I’m continuing to try all of this to mitigate my anxiety attacks. Slowly but surely.