My heart beats fast

Me thinking I had erection issues, just found out that this is not erection issues. I wake up with erection every morning, I exercise well, eat well. I have an active life going on. Just yesterday I tried to have sex again but at the thought of sex I started beating so fast and I lost my erection, told my girl and she really understood and we talked about it and went to sleep. This feels so embarrassing for me still I just don’t know what to do.

Could anyone help with an advise, my problem is my heart beat fast every time, and this is the first season this is happening to me


Happened same when I tried to hookup with a new girl, didn’t happen when I did that with my girlfriend. It’s a lot mental.


Try the box breathing exercise just prior to having sex. That might help to calm you down so that you can keep your erection for longer.


How do you stylishly do the box breathing without getting noticed by the girl

Right there with you brother. The thought of impending sex sends me right into an adrenaline-fueled fight/flight attack. Racing heart, shaking, fear/uncertainty. It’s brutal.

I’ve realized how much anxiety and tension I hold in my pelvic floor. I don’t breath properly with an expanding stomach (I breath with my chest/neck). I’m trying to focus on smooth and easy breathing, relaxed pelvic floor, and I’ve also started Hawthorn Berry. Supposedly it can work like a low-grade beta blocker and help prevent the racing heart and shaking.

Stay the course man. We can all overcome this.


Have you considered opening up about the anxiety and discussing how you’re working to control that anxiety. “Babe…sex with you is incredible and all I ever want to do is make sure you’re satisfied. I’ve unfortunately created a serious anxious reaction to sex and one of the ways I can control that anxiety so I can be present in the moment with you and make sure you I feel your incredible body is breath slowly, deeply, and intentionally.”


The heart beating fast is almost surely an anxiety response. One of the issues with anxiety is the feeling we have to hide it, mask, and be okay, and that we can’t talk about it…or else catastrophe. As men we are taught that it’s not ok to move slowly and ask for time or share our feelings, because that’s “weak” and “not sexy.” But think about how normal it is for women to need to move at different paces according to the flow of their arousal and safety. Men feel this too! But we just try to hide it and then the body revolts with anxiety. One of the most amazing things I can hear from my woman is that there’s no pressure to perform. Because then the opposite happens. But of course our own work is to develop this belief inside as well, and act from that place. Hope that helps brother!


Personally, I don’t think I have the courage to tell her that. But, I think, in my opinion, this is the best way to approach the problem. I know it is even a common technique to overcome your fear for a public speech, for example. The problem is to have the courage to do that

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Try getting a prescription for a low dose of propanolol, and take it 30 minutes before sex.

Won’t my body get addicted to that?