Early progress, lots of work ahead

This is my third day on this app and last night was the best sex that I have had in months. I still think it could be a lot better but the progress feels very rewarding.


What specifically were you struggling with? I’ve had almost full blown panic attacks (never had them before) when even the thinking about sex. I would lose my erection within minutes because my heart was racing and my body sweating. Has the box breathing helped?

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Yeah what helped? I can’t even get an erection anymore much less lose it. I can’t see how 3 days has helped. What did it for you?

To be honest, a lot of my problem is that I’m an alcoholic. Staying away from the sauce for 3 days is a big help. I also use Viagra. But, the app has helped me to recognize my inner critic and my spectatoring. I always knew that was my problem but I didn’t really have the words to explain it or express it properly. My anxiety comes from fears that I’m going to let my partner down again. Learning to shut that out is going to be a long term challenge for me.

The box breathing is working… I don’t know how or why… but it does…

Getting out of my head is the big one… do I manage it every time….?

No … but my strike rate is improving a lot since I started this plan… I’m actually amazed that it’s not chemical… is psychological…