Feel anxious again

I have a weird ‘complicated’ psychological issue where I feel very nervous in my student accom. And it kinda affects my erections and ability to climax.

When I went on holiday, in Tokyo, I realised I was harbouring very strange self judgments and anxieties that stemmed from feeling very grumpy about how confused I felt with my recovery process in coming off SSRIs.

Going on holiday cleared my head, I was able to cum properly with excitement. It felt quite powerful, like I was a teen again lol. But anyway, as I came back to the UK, I felt that weird anxiety and depression again, and it feels as though I’m battling weird mental ruts with complex thoughts.

Doing CBT has really helped, as recommended by the app, but I feel kinda stuck again. And I’m not sure where to go from here.

Hi Mate,
You are no alone. I had similar experiences when I tapered off SSRI earlier in the year. Whilst the initial side affects from tapering off cleared quite quickly I found it took longer for my sexual function to return. I know what you mean when cumming felt good on holidays, the same happened to me.

Which is why I am here on Mojo. Give it time and It comes back, in the sexual function and feelings. The exercises have helped me calm down, take my time and be more present and not in my mind. My biggest challenge is calming my mind to stop it overthinking ( about all things not just sex) . The SSRI’s helped me cope in the moment and make changes in my life to support a healthy me, I still had to work through processing feeling etc when I came off to clear them (so to speak)

I am not a medical professional so keep discussing how you are feeling with your DR or Psyc but some things that have helped me move through managing my anxiety, stress, depression is some Lazy-Yoga. Mindfulness, gratitude practices etc. I found it hard at the start but it helps and you do start to change how you view things in general and in the sexual function.
I have learned that other things in life can affect how you feel sexually that might not even seem related.

I read you noted you feel really nervous in your student accommodation. Is there some ways you can speak with your Dr’s in ways to feel more relaxed, calm or even safe? Exploring other alternatives in accommodation may also help. Personally for me I found once I left a job that was making me really unhappy changed things so much for the better. I just had to realize it wasn’t for me(as much as it might have been a great job for a lot of people)

Apologies for long reply. Hope it helps. You can get through it. You found the good feelings on holidays just need to coax them out at home aswell.
Wish you the best mate. You’re not alone.