Failure to make my Girfriend finish

I’ve never had issues with bringing a girl to climax before I met my current girlfriend, we’ve been together for around a year and a half and I still am yet to make her finish, I feel so pathetic that I can’t satisfy her in that way even though she says that she still enjoys it I feel as though I am not doing enough. I never used to finish so quickly but with her I finish within 3 minutes every time, anyone know what I can do to help this

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I would focus more on her first, when she is close to finish then I would start to have acutal sex, till then I would finger her etc.


Talk to her, make sure you have conversations about what she likes, what she needs to finish, if she needs to be involved to make herself get there etc. she will appreciate you putting the effort in

My girl usually finishes riding me. Have her ride u

There are a lot of ways to make a woman orgasm, intercourse is only one of them. If you’re worried about not getting her off that way, take care of her in other ways first. Then the pressure not to finish before her is taken away. Also, in my experience at least, women absolutely love a guy that’s great at oral sex.

If she genuinely is enjoying it and doesn’t mind about finishing, it may help to just think about pleasuring her, without focusing on the end goal. It can add pressure for her experience if she knows you’re doing things to try and get her there, which can make it harder for her to just enjoy it. Focusing on having a good time and making her feel good, whether or not she finishes, might lead to a more relaxed and pleasurable atmosphere where you go with the moment rather than rush to the end goal. With my partner, I found times where I was more focused on lasting longer so she could finish led to it not being as enjoyable for her as she realised I was doing that and it put pressure on her to finish quicker, making her overthink it. When we were more just in the moment it tended to go better, and if one of us finished first we could just keep going with other stuff e.g toys - and also it’s okay if we don’t both finish every time (e.g maybe sometimes it’s just about giving her a good time, mainly foreplay etc)