Exercise easy but in action difficult

Hi all,
Does anybody else have the problem that the exercises here seem quite easy but when it comes to real life action it’s super difficult?

For example I just did the start stop technique and could easily do 10 min without having to stop, only after 13 min I needed to step for the first time and then kept myself up and down until I orgasmd after 20 min.

However last weekend I was meeting a woman and even just during kissing I already felt so aroused that my penis was already covered in precum and totally wet. If she would have touched it I would have come in seconds.
How is it possible that the experience from masturbation and endurance and real life tension are differing so much?! Am I am getting excited too quickly and if so, how can I turn this off, as I feel when having sex, that I am already starting on arousal level 7 before I am even putting my penis in the vagina …

Hi there - well I would love to be that excited - doesn’t it feel great during. No doubt that partnered arousal is a different game so I would be too surprised by that - it’s fine!

I think trying to just enjoy the experience and breathing (box breathe, mindfulness) may help.

Can you say to your partner how excited you are and suggest slowing down ? That might be quite hot for her?

Also some non penetrative sex options for her may be an idea to take any pressure off you.

Just some thoughts.

Well currently I don’t have a long term partner. It’s rather sexual encounters that not necessarily have any understanding for my situation.

That’s why I pretty much dislike to be turned on to this extent as it feels like that I am by simply kissing and long foreplay already ready to shoot … which then triggers overthink and anxiety and then of course actual sex is over very quickly

Iv the same kinda problem any suggestions to help me out

Mojo shares how to do Root Penis Masturbation - some men find this very helpful. Try 2 or 3 sessions of this for a few weeks. You can add in the start stop, getting better at recognising the point of inevitability. Remember to practice relaxing your buttocks and thighs!