Ejaculate at penetration

Hi guys,

I need some advice here.

When i have sex, i usually start with foreplay, oral etc. I ca mostly last through this. However, when i start penetration, i kinda ejaculate almost instantly. There were instances when i ejaculated as soon as i entered her vagina. At times within 20 seconds.

I am very depressed with this condition. Is there anything i can do to improve this situation. Has anyone here able to fix it in the past?



My tip would be to do less foreplay that involves your penis. If your penis has already received a lot of love before penetration, it can be near impossible to hold out. Additionally, on your off days you may want to try to masturbate without ejaculating. Always going close to coming, but then stopping briefly, going close again and so on. That way you can train to last longer.

Also it can depend on how aroused you are by the person. If you’ve been with them for a while, it might get easier to hold out. The first few times it’s actually common to come very early, especially if you’ve done a lot of foreplay.