ED vs low libido

Cialis isn’t really working for me, which is disappointing. I bust like 50mg and still take forever to get it up. When I do it’s hard but then can go just as quick.
Maybe the problem is just my libido or desire for sex. My hormones tested fine. Cialis/viagra is good for the mechanics of getting hard but is there anything out there that is good for the libido?


You are definitely not alone in this, because I kind of have the same thing. My T-levels are often in the 600-700 range when I test them, which should be phenomenal for a 33 y/o. As far as I have used this website/service, I don’t think I have ED at all. I think it’s just a low desire for sex, even though I want it, at least in my conscious section of my brain.

I noticed this starting a few years ago. I acknowledge I’m getting older so my desire is probably just going to be a lot less now than it was, and I get that.

Still, I think there’s something going on, plenty of us affected. Some form of depression that’s not depression, over-work, over-stimulation (not just from porn, but from everything… the massive amount of information we process every day).

I notice myself getting annoyed when my fingers can’t press buttons fast enough on my phone to do multiple things at the same time. I notice that I’m now listening to podcasts/audiobooks, getting annoyed and playing music at the same time/underneath.

I work. And then I work after I work on other things. The amount of stuff that crosses my desk every week is probably insane, and I keep making things more efficient and pushing more stuff through.

I noticed this starting during the pandemic, when it wasn’t just WFH but also like scrambling at work to get so many things done. I don’t think I have been the same since.

It’s not like this website has been entirely un-useful. There have been some interesting insights and positive thinking changes. I think what I really need is to unplug or something.

Not sure if my story resonates with you that much, but felt compelled to leave it in case.

I like the way you’re putting it… Maybe that level of non-sex stimulation is having implications. I’d be curious to get a professional opinion on this. I believe to have a high sex drive and high libido. I do masturbate often.
My case is that I have no ED issues with my wife. Can go on for 2 hours at time and not even come. When I go with another girl, I will be completely inconsistent. First time last week was great, did it twice, only lost hard after the second time, didn’t come anyway. Met her again this week, and i lost it after the first time . I believe something crossed my mind and I fight/flight it but not sure what that was. I’m also on ED pills and I think they helped with getting real hard but mostly with masturbation or with my wife. Anyone facing the same challenges with a new partner? How do you deal with it?

I am struggling as well. I’ve been taking sildenafil on and off for more than 20 years. Only recently have I had to double my dose, and even then it doesn’t always do the trick like it used to. I have been on testosterone replacement therapy for a couple of months as well, but I’m not sure that I have noticed any difference from it. My particular situation is complicated by the fact that I had a minor heart attack a couple of months ago, and things have really seemed to go downhill since then. I read somewhere that changes in your blood flow can do that. I also know that a significant portion of my issues are in my head. I have a lot to work on, and hope that I can find some help here.