Weak libido and ED problems

Hi everyone…just wondering if anyone else has similar experience to mine and if there are any thoughts / practices to share. I have never had a problem with both libido and ED, in fact it was always great, without problems, two times in same evening etc… my wife was happy, so was I. Next to that, I regularly masturbated, 1 - 2 times daily, sometimes more. I’m now 45, with relative big stress at work. In the last year I have seen sharp decline in my libido, also ED problems started…sometimes it’s ok, sometimes it’s not, I don’t really know what will happen. In the last two weeks i’m completely unable to stay hard, I struggle even with masturbation. According to the test I did on Mojo I’m having psychological issues, although I never considered myself having such problems. Is it possible this is result of lower testosteron? Could it be that masturbation and porn (I usually watch along my masturbation) created psychological problem? I don’t really know what to do :disappointed:

Similar situation to me, 6 months ago was always horny and never had issues, but the last 6 months I’ve been going through a house sale, break up, stress at work and I’m a semi-professional fighter so had a few fights, I think I’m just way too stressed to have a sex drive right now even though I’d really like one, I have no problems getting an erection and still wake up with one every morning.

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The more stress and stressors you have, the more likely your libido is to go down. Fight or flight hormones run counter to your feed and breed hormones so your body just won’t be in the best conditions to promote sexual arousal.

The good news is you can do lots of things to engage the feed and breed system to override stress. Have you been trying the meditations under the resource section? I bet if you did one a day until you went through the whole lot of them you’d find libido and arousal increasing.

Good luck brother!


One thing that I find horrible about our Pharma owned world is that guys with normal physiology think they need to override it with a chemical solution before trying anything behavioral. Testosterone for example. As someone already eloquently posted, feed and breed nervous system gets overrides by figtt or flight. Just like a woman won’t have a period if she doesn’t eat enough and exercises too much, why would her body be ready for anything then if she’s running from bears with her tribe? Why would a man have a wood if he’s fighting off predators? Certainly gets in the way and that blood might be better used for his muscles to save himself for another day. Sometimes your signal is first from the outcome as to a reflection on your inner emotional or nervous system state. Men usually are not socialized to identify, name, and describe their emotions, or feel where they are physically in the body when communicating with others either.