Ed - should i take therapy or medication(i dont want to take medication)

Hello, i am 28 years old and have always been physically active with gym. I had a break up in april 2022 and my sex life was great with my ex and a week after my breakup i was with someone but i had difficulty getting it up while changing positions. I was then sexually inactive for a couple of months but i was really heartbroken from the breakup and was constantly crying and feeling all that pain, i had a one night stand on a night out where it was all good until again when we changed positions i couldn’t get it up. Fast forward to December i started seeing a girl and when we tried it the first time, i couldn’t get it up i dont know how, i got scared and made up and excuse, this kept happening and i kept ignoring sex until the girl left me. I was really worried about this and i saw that i stopped getting morning erections. I researched online and found out that this could be physical or psychological but considering my age which was 27 then psychology could have been the issue. Then i got busy with some important work and didn’t get time to look at this issue but after a couple of months, i still couldn’t get morning erections and even while watching porn I would get hard really slowly and the erection would not stay that hard and even after getting hard it’d go soft as soon as stop touching it or anything. I went to see a doctor and he said that he thinks that my issue is psychological and i told him that i dont get morning erections, he said that this can by psychological so i should consult a therapist. I was scared so i didn’t talk to anyone neither did i date anyone. Sometimes i would get up in the middle of the night with a really good hard on, but in the morning it wont be there. After a while when i went to my home country for a wedding i got my testosterone tested snd it was 675, but the report said that i have gonadotrophin deficiency. I am super confused reading everything on the internet and i want to know if this is a psychological or physiological issue and should i start the mojo classes. I get excited about sex but then i ignore it because of this, just now i have started seeing this girl and i really like her but i can’t have sex with her. What should i do?

Hey man! I’m glad I read this lisent your not alone I’m in the similar situation as you I’m 27 recently broke up with an ex about a month and a half ago my libido took a nose dive… since I’m a pretty social person I meet this new girl who was quite into me eventually she came back to my place and buddy downstairs was not working with me, I kept a positive attitude and took care of her needs. After we were done I was really open to her and she completely understood. She stayed at my place for a weekend where we’d have sex probably 3 times a day out of those two days I’ve only got a prefect erection once a day. Don’t be ashamed to explain your situation he helps to get it off your chest I’ve spoken to my closet guy fiends about it and they were supportive, I also saw a doctor and he said “ situations like that your age usually aren’t that long and go away with time” I’d suggest staying busy and not try to worry about it to much.

I wish their was a way to direct message people on this app so we can discuss this further

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Thank you for the message man! Really appreciate you opening up. I see that our conditions might be similar but i have almost stopped getting morning erections and this has been going on for an year now. I am new to this app so I’ll this a try but I am really scared and stressed all the time and have been for the last 1 year about this.

Hey man! I’m going through a similar issue. I’m 27, I just started getting morning wood again. Sex still isn’t easy but my girlfriend is super supportive. Stop watching porn and try not to masterbait that much and it’ll help. Changing up your diet will help as well too. It’s a process my friend. If you feel like you’re depressed try going to a therapist it definitely helped me. It will be okay one day dude!

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Thanks man! I consume a pretty healthy diet and maybe drink once a week as I am active at the gym. But I’ll take your advice and try to calm my mind.

It will come back with time, usually when I wake up I try to see if I can get an erection this morning I was able too, just don’t force it. I’ve also been meditating everyday a lot through this app, doing breath work getting my mind cleared. Don’t stress about it I can tell you that it doesn’t come back overnight it just takes time. Be patient and stay active. KEEP A POSITIVE ATTITUDE :slightly_smiling_face:

Also get good sleep I can emphasize how important that is

Low dose Viagra has helped me, but I had to
do the psychological work first for it to work. Sometimes I don’t need it and sometimes I use when I need a boost.