Do you ever get anxious during sex? How does it affect you? (Part 2)

Yes I do. I worry and have negative thoughts.

I first noticed this in my mid 20s, never a problem before. Started using Viagra to mask the problems but occasionally that let me down. Recently out of a relationship which towards the end was affected by ed

Yes absolutely. Worries I can’t get hard. Worried I can orgasm.

It makes me feel frustrated and disconnected. I get in my head instead of in the experience

Yes I’m fine getting an election when I start with my partner even sometimes just from a kiss
The further we go the more I woory

Terrible, not focused. Takes away pleasure

My last long term partner and i had great sex during our first years. She was forward and i knew she wanted me and only a handful of times did i underperform my expectations. Since we broke up i no longer have that immediate chemistry with partners and i think im having anxiety and a lack of confidence to be the smooth and sexy one now. I knew what my last partner liked but im having trouble with new partners getting and sustaining an erection. Im worried now that ive started underperforming that im making a negative feedback loop and feeling emasculated. Part of me thinks im lacking masculine energy and confidence because i dont feel like the leader and im worried that my partner will reject my advances.

Yes. I tend to get anxious when I know I might be getting compared to previous guys, I don’t feel safe, or there isn’t an emotional component involved. It makes getting hard difficult. Even if I do get it up, once I have a negative thought, instantly soft

Have had trouble for years performing due to over thinking, needing to get an erection when i need 1 is hard at times, morning sex is usally easier as i wake up hard most mornings, and feel naturally more in the mood, i feel i probaly have a slight addiction to porn, and have to masturbate daily. The trouble is alot of the time me and my partner get down to it and foreplay is great, when it leads on to intercourse, i start to overthink it, i eva lose my erection or have intercourse with pretty much a semi, some positions are hard like having my missus on top as im rarely hard enough for her and myself to fully enjoy it. She is a legend and understands my situation. But it gets to me badly

I start to have this problems to keep my penis up, couple of months ago. It was so hard for me and for my partner to have sex like how it was before I start to get anxious in bed. I try everything to get is like normal again.

Yes , I keep focusing with the other Voices outside sometimes.
Thinking if I’m getting hard enough ir not .
Feeling if I’m gonna give the satisfaction She/ he expect me to give Ne and a lot of stuff like that

I constantly feel a deep pit of anxiety or nervousness regarding performance whenever I start to be sexual, to the point now where I haven’t been sexual in months and it has made me resent feeling attracted towards my significant other because I worry all I’ll do is disappoint and nothing will happen.

Yes, before me and my partner start I worry what if.

Yes I do. I become turned on by the girl I’m with and then I’m the back off my mind I get this one reoccurring memory of a bad experience when I couldn’t get it up and it triggers my anxiety


Yes, my wife and I have been trying for children for the past 12 months…normally I have no issues with sex or ED however, whenever it comes to the few weeks round ovulation I get in my head and ED kicks in. Meaning I struggle to get and maintain erections

Yes, very often. It makes me feel really low. It just started happening, and I have no clue why.

I always get anxious before having sex
As i my sexual k fe is not very active
I only had some hookups and always had erection issues while penetration and still i get anxious before having sex

Sometimes I just can’t quite get hard during foreplay and I’m always worrying that my partner will take it out and it will just be soft

Yes, less if I’ve been with the person a few times, I usually go fast to finish out of fear of going soft

My girlfriend will get me hard with her hand and then I lose my erection when she gets on top