Do you ever get anxious during sex? How does it affect you? (Part 1)

Yes, anxiety has been an essential (albeit unfortunate) part of sex for me for years already, it has completely destroyed my sex life, to the point that I have decided (though reluctantly) to shun intimacy altogether.

I do get anxious. It’s strange, I want to be able to enjoy it so bad and don’t want anything to go wrong that it gets the best of me when it happens. I try to keep my mind so focussed on trying to enjoy it, I forget that I actually need to enjoy it.

Yes, anxiety has been an essential (albeit unfortunate) part of sex for me for years already, it has completely destroyed my sex life, to the point that I have decided (though reluctantly) to shun intimacy altogether.

Anxiety mainly effects me by keeping me from getting an erection in the first place. Recently whenever i start to get close to having sex or getting intimate i get really anxious about not getting it up. Its prevents me from feeing relaxed about a connection and instead I stop an opportunity and avoid it to not be embarrassed.

I have been anxious during sex after one time where I wasn’t able to get hard. Then I was anxious about my penis not working again, and I focused all of my attention on trying to get hard so that I could please my partner - but that didn’t work, and now I’m anxious about sex every time.

I don’t usually have a problem getting hard beforehand. Then once we start I am super aware of my erection, so once it goes soft that is all I can think about.

I get anxious all the time, afraid that my penis will go soft. The worst part is changing positions, because it has a tendency to go soft during that movement.

I have. It gets worse the longer it goes on. It becomes a vicious cycle.

I get anxious as soon as I think about getting soft or think I’m getting soft. It affects me because that vicious cycle stops me having sex and then makes me feel insecure that I haven’t pleasured my partner

Yes I do get anxious sometimes and it usually gets me soft getting an erection is no problem however when me and my partner try to have sex I go soft

I am always worried about whether I am going to get erect or stay erect. I think the first time it happened, it was something physical. I have remedied the physical part. I need to learn how to get out of my head.

I worry so much that I’m gonna be awful and that the girl could do so much better in terms of choosing a sexual partner, that I just panic and can’t get an erection. I think I used to worry more about them going around and telling everyone what I’m like in bed/how big my dick is - now I think because I missed out on those sexual experiences because I was too anxious, that I think that everyone is better at sex than me and the girl should go and have sex with someone else because it will be more enjoyable for her. I can’t believe that anybody would want to sleep with me because they enjoy my company, and I think they should go have sex with someone they could have a better time with.

Regularly get anxious during sex. Sometimes it means that I’ll lose an erection and will start to worry about what the woman I’m with must be thinking. Get worried that they think it’s weird or awkward, or most of all that they will then get frustrated and sick of me and so not want to see me again. Sometimes anxiety also means that I can’t cum either. Might keep an erection but just can’t finish.

Yes. I feel extremely anxious before sex

Yes, I get anxiety and fear that I’ll be thought of poorly, because I know what I’m capable of performance wise. But, feel insecure when I lose my reciting in the action or just before.

It definitely is about performance anxiety for me, and having to “be a man,” like I need to impress the woman with my sexual energy. This is especially challenging if the girl indicates to me she is coming over expressly for sex. She probably thinks she is doing a good thing by starting the dirty talk and getting us both revved up, but it is unfortunately for me building up the pressure to perform. During sex, ff I feel rushed or I feel even slightly out of my comfort zone, I start to spectate, which then affects my boners even further, then it is a downward spiral. As soon as the girl notices it is pretty much a foregone conclusion. What I am working on is saying beforehand “Hey, we may have sex or we may not. Let’s just focus on getting naked/intimate and start kissing and feel that out and see where we go.” That helps to take the pressure off.

I think the worst thing you can do for yourself when you feel that pressure to perform is try to soldier through it without recognizing it to your partner. I have tried to be like “ok, baby, just you wait, it’ll get up. Let me get more aggressive with my kissing or pleasuring you and just you wait.” This does not work! It only confuses your partner and gives you a potentially traumatic experience. SLow it down and tell your partner “I’m more enjoying kissing right now, I’m not quite feeling like having full-on sex.” She will appreciate the clarity.

yes. frequently. I often am preoccupied with my performance and my partners pleasure creating a lot of expectation, pressure, and anxiety.

I do get anxious during sex. Even after being with my wife for 15 years I still suffer from performance anxiety. I have successful times mixed with unsuccessful times and more recently unsuccessful seems to be taking over. Really leaves me depressed and embarrassed And makes me think about it all the time which just perpetuates the cycle.

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Yes , heart rate increases and I hyper focus on my performance (or lack there of). If I managed to get an erection I begin to lose it. I feel the frustration in my partner’s eyes which only makes it worse.