Do you ever get anxious during sex? How does it affect you? (Part 1)

Yes, I feel as if I am to put of a performance or a show. It the. Escalates the situation of not keeping it up

I sometimes find I have a feeling that I won’t be able to get an erection or while I am in the midst of things keeping an erection.

Its always performance anxiety… I always think that I am going to have issues with getting hard… and stay hard… Because I was in a toxic relationship where sex was usally not a soft pleasant experience

I can be in the moment and enjoying myself and her and then the slightest change just brings it to an immediate end. My prima Donna penis just cancels the show on a whim because the lighting was wrong, or whatever.

I fear that i wont be good enough and that i wont be able to get it up. And it starts the cycle of doubt that ends up working against me

Yes it kills my erection or if she says f me etc it creates this mental pressure

Makes me lose the moment completely

Pressure to perform has caused me to not be able to maintain/achieve erections.

I do get anxious during sex. I get nervous that the erection wont stay hard for insertion. If i can get in a groove during penetration its typically ok but thats a hope not a promise. I also get nervous that im not hard enough to put on a condom.

very similar story with me, thanks for sharing, keep us posted on your progress, all the best

I get excited but also nervous in the build up to sex with my girlfriend, and then in the moment im worried about whether it will stay hard or if its hard enough or if im going to finish to early and i put pressure on myself wanting to please her as im less experienced

My anxiety is with my endurance. Im so paranoid about finishing so soon that my partner doesnt get any satisfaction from the experience. After quick finish i find it impossible to get an erraction again

I am 30 years old and married. My wife and I have sex regularly and it has always gone well. However, about 7 months ago we trying to have our first child. We thought that it would happen quite quickly, but it in fact has not. Three months ago, I had my first serious performance anxiety while we were in the “fertility window” and have had issues getting it up and staying hard ever since. At first it was just while we were in the window, but now I am struggling with even every day/non conception sex. My wife is desperate for a child and each month we have a negative test, she is absolutely heartbroken. I feel immense pressure to perform on command when we are “in the window”. It is 4-5 straight days of sex when we are in the window. This most recent month it would take 2-5 hours for me to get and stay hard. The passion was gone and it was very mechanical. Now, I almost fear sex. I have so much anxiety about my inability to perform and disappointing my partner. My partner has been incredibly patient and supportive, but I just cannot get out of my head. All I can think about when having sex is my penis. I will get semis only to think about my penis and then lose it all. This is taking a serious strain on our marriage, which only makes me feel more anxious and more pressure.

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Yes. When you are in the mood and starting to play around but your head gets in the way not allowing you to naturally be in the time and space

I can get hard in foreplay and masturbating solo to porn. But when that condom goes on for penetration and i try it just doesn’t stay hard enough, I panic and try again but I know it’s too soft. I know when she’s trying to penetrate I’m looking at my penis worrying it won’t hold up. Also getting hard through her stimulation and then trying a different position fails, standing up, spooning. I feel a failure. It’s also terrible when watching tv together and there’s a sex scene I watch and think I soo wish I could do that. And again feel crap. I’ve been porn free for almost 2mnths now and hoping mojo can help!

Yes, before I lost my virginity I was anxious about how I’ll perform. Since I had an experience of ED, I’m anxious about getting and keeping it up.

Absolutely. I have thought for a while before finding mojo that the anxiety is really the root of my issues. Everything can be going well, and then all you can think about is will it last… how hard is it… oh is it getting soft…

Almost the exact experience I have, although I don’t even have the pressure of us trying to have kids yet. Something that’s supposed to be enjoyable/relaxing is now a source of stress / fear. It sucks.

I do. Between worrying about keeping it up, and having these unrealistic expectations about what sex should be like, it can ruin the moment. Instead of enjoying sex, once that anxiety kicks in the mind can start to wonder and it feels more like I’m just going through the motions for my partners benefit instead of truly enjoying it.

Once I have 1 anxious thought, it is like the floodgates open.