Difficulty finding enough private time to masturbate

As I get into the later phases of the course I’m finding it increasingly difficult to find time. I’m married and have three young kids, work full time, so finding it pretty difficult to find time for myself. At best I manage to find time to masturbate once, maybe twice at most, times per week at the best of times. And that’s usually in the shower, never somewhere comfortable where I can really focus on it.

The app’s recommending penis root masturbation, soft penis pleasuring, directed masturbation, mindful masturbation, wax and wain, stop start practise, practicing squeeze technique. As much as I’d like to masturbate several times a day, I can’t fit all of this in and find it really difficult to find time to myself to do these things.

Is it still effective practise if you combine these techniques? E.g. masturbate mindfully, stop and let it wain, get hard again, start masturbating again and then use squeeze technique, etc.

Any thoughts or advice on making more private time?


Well done for getting through so much of the program - it’s not easy with young children. Does your partner know you are working on this? You really only need to be doing an exercise 2 or 3 times per week. If you are wanting to work on staying hard and lengthening the time to cum, it can feel confusing. I would focus on feeling confident with getting hard. Try the waxing and waning 2 or 3 times per week for a couple of weeks. It would be better if you can be in your room, feeling relaxed for 15 - 20 mins. Can your partner help you get this time? When the children are in bed? Or if they are all out? Remember lots of lube - don’t always cum. Notice thoughts and feelings, don’t judge just notice. Once you are feeling more confident with your erections you can practice the start stop, with some root masturbation at the start of these sessions. Hope this helps.


I have combined exercises as you suggest - I think it is still useful. You can also just do the exercises you have time for and let the others roll over. If that all adds up you can just mark some as completed as a reset - I think better to do that and do some exercises than get down about the long list and do nothing g. The exercises can be found in the app and you can go back to the ones you feel are most useful to you when you have time.

Hey, 3 young kids and full time job - in my experience makes sex a challenge too!! - so be kind to yourself - you have a lot going on already.


Thank you both, that’s really helpful advice!