Did anyone overcome sexual abuse

I’m a 27 years old and for âge 8 to 15 i was sexually abuse by my best friends of the Time. I didn’t even realise i was abuse until somebody point that out. I have been suffuring from Ed my Hole life. I never got able to penetrate my partner.

I juste wonder if other people where in my situation and got out ? Because honestly I don’t have any hope.

We Say that hope keep you Alive but me it’s killing me instead…

I was also abused by slightly older close friends when I was 11/12. They also abused my younger brother at the same time. I didn’t realize it was sexual abuse at the time either. But I felt shame and guilt. Guilt that I hadn’t protected my brother. Shame for the act. It was my first sexual encounter. I didn’t know to try and get mental help. And even if I would have known to ask for help, there was no one I could have gone too. .

When puberty came around I suppressed my sexuality and didn’t masturbate. With different partners throughout my life I have struggled with getting proper erections from messing around to penetration. I have had trouble my whole life. I have difficulty by myself and with a partner. I always go numb and go into my head. I think I feel ashamed to get an erection. I just started this course, and it pointed out that maybe I don’t let myself experience pleasure. It feels hopeless.

Just this weekend I tried Sat night and Sun night w/ my partner and did not have success at all. Sat after we gave up I was angry and hateful to myself. Sunday I woke up angry and frustrated at myself. I felt so heavy. It’s killing me too. Monday I had had enough. I found Mojo when I was looking to find a counselor or psychiatrist to go to locally. I’ve tried Viagra and Cialis with no real success. When I saw that this program focuses on the psychology behind getting good erections I thought I should try it. I am sceptacle but desperate to change the direction of this part of my life. It sucks but I’m not giving up. You shouldn’t either.

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God damn you cannot know how great that feel. Reading your answer make me cry because I am not alone… For the longest Time i felt alone and ashame. I don’t want to give Up even if I’m tired to try. If you get any good feed back please let me know. I’m single so I can’t really try myself. And also tell me do you find IT hard to be in a relationship whit Ed because when I was in a relationship IT felt like a Burden and I think that’s why m’y ex broke Up with me

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I also feel some relief. Until this course, I felt I was the only one, and that I was being an idiot. Now I feel that maybe there is some hope. I appreciate you taking the risk to share here.

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No problem I’m tired to feel ashame and I just wanted to know if other people where in the same situation.

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