Diabetes and erections

So I have type 2 diabetes, started a relationship and everything in the bedroom hunky dory. But now erections don’t stay and sex becomes boring and short and partner gets annoyed. Tried cock ring to keep things going but now losing the will. Does this mojo really help people or am I fighting a losing battle.

If there’s a connection to your medical condition, Mojo won’t help that. You should speak to a doctor. But if you’re sure this is a mental issue, yes, the exercises in this app can help.

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Medication and type 2 under control do blood sugars now low. Need to get mojo back with this site help anyone else experience here would be good to know

I’m a type 1 who is also on antidepressants, so erection issues are almost expected. Chat to your gp about your issues and get some sildenafil to help. I’m trying Mojo to help with more psychological issues