Delayed Ejaculation issues

I’ve suffered from delayed ejaculation for many years, it has lost me relationships and destroyed my sexual confidence. I’m very confident in every other part of my life.

Mojo is certainly helping and I’ve recently had a hormone test and booked a Drs appointment.

Thankfully I have a new relationship where she is fully understanding.

Has anyone in this community managed to overcome (pun not intended) this issue successfully?


No answer but following…

This is quite a significant portion of why I am here. Even if I’m fully aroused and in the moment, I don’t feel like I work up to the point of ejaculation very easily. It takes a lot of time, and like you mentioned, has also taken a huge hit to my sexual confidence as well. I too feel very confident in other aspects of life, but this experience is something that is hard to overcome (no pun intended here either!)

Yup, me too on all counts. Feels like an intractable problem when I’d kill to be working on delaying things as seems more common. Help anyone?

Another one here.Almost year long relationship, only ever been able to come from sex twice, and both times I was over exerting myself so much that it wasn’t satisfying at all. She’s extremely patient about it, but I can tell that it’s a crushing blow for her too. She thinks I don’t find her attractive and it’s almost impossible to convince her otherwise.

I actually had a Drs. Checkup the other day because my gf wants me to check my testosterone levels and the Dr. stated that testosterone doesn’t affect delayed ejaculation.
Haven’t had the blood test yet, I can’t bare facing the results if everything is normal. That means that I have a lot of mental issues to work out and that, to me, is terrifying.

Best of luck with it all guys.

Delayed ejaculation might seem like a dream for some men however it can also feel quite distressing for those who feel they are unable to cum. Mojo will help, it will get you out of your heads and into your bodies. Often delayed ejaculation can come from some unconscious tension. By practicing the mindful exercises you will be able to relax this ‘control’. Sometimes in can be an historical fear of getting someone pregnant, or other guilty thoughts that have just hung around. Going through the Mojo program, finding out what feels good, noticing if your mind wanders off from the erotic and how to get it to come back to a state of arousal will all help. Communication with your partners will also benefit things, taking the pressure of you. Good luck!

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Coming back here after some more comments. I’m super appreciative, hearing others share the same exact perspectives and experiences as me. My fiancé sometimes will feel like me not climaxing during sex means I’m not attracted to her or enjoying what we are doing. Most of the time I can tell she’s just enjoying the experience with me, but other times I can tell she wishes I could cum as fast as she does. It eventually got to the point where I would mostly just go down on her, let her play around with me for a couple minutes and then move on with life, being overly emphatic about how much I enjoyed it (I did enjoy it, but compensating for what I think I’m doing wrong by not cumming, essentially). I also have gotten tested for testosterone and hormonal issues, and am doing talk therapy, both to help address why I may not be so quick to climax. Anyway. Thankful to have this community to speak candidly and share experiences.

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