Dating and confidence

Ive Been working on MOJO for a while now and really have noticed a difference in my own confidence and now feel like I can get a better erection. The last time I had any sort of intercourse was over 3 years ago with a long term partner (we separated over 2 years ago)

I’m feeling more confident in my self that I started dating again and have been dating a lady that I really like for a few months now. I Just need to work up the courage to take the dating that step further!! Problem is I’m lacking in confidence and keep stalling to take the intimacy further and feel that the inner critic will kick in ! Any tips welcome in how to over come this!

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You just have to make the jump! And remember what you’ve learned here and use it. And if things don’t work out as expected, hopefully your partner is an understanding person and you can still have a good time together. I think that letting time pass, will only worsen the anxiety.


If you can - I know it seems really difficult. Try and open up to a new partner - honestly they will thank you for it and I am sure will appreciate a partner who can show his vulnerability. Often just by having the conversation, the problem can disappear. Good luck : )

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Good luck… believe in yourself, use the relaxation parts of Mojo. I’m no expert but being calm and happy (enough) in your own skin (what ever that means) seems to be helpful.
…authentic… I think is the one word…

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