Couldnt get it up

I have just joined up today because it seems everytime i try and have sex with someone new, i just cant get it up. It is frustrating and embarrassing. I have just gotten out of a 1yr relationship of which the same thing happened with her. Took about 3 seperate occasions to be back to 100%.
I just tried to have a casual fling with someone tonight and absolutely blew it. Same exact thing happened this time. Couldnt get it up. She tried, i tried. Normally for me pleasuring a woman gets me going alot. But nothing worked.
I need help


I feel you for sure and I also need some answers. I recently found out that when I make out with the one particular girl I had crush for years I could get aroused quite easily. But to strangers, although they are hot they donโ€™t do much to me physically


Yes it seems i cant get past this anxiousness eventually. After 2 or 3 seperate occasions with the same person then im fine 99% of the time. But that initial encounter just buggers me every time. Makes me scared of trying again with someone new.


Bro Iโ€™m literally the same. Itโ€™s so annoying

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Yesss. Iโ€™m literally the same, and itโ€™s so embarrassing every time

Iโ€™m hard the entire time until ITโ€™S TIME