Controlling my erection

Im quite used to doing prone masterbation. Ive done it ever since i was young and i know nothing else, ive always known i was different for it but i never knew how to change or stop, ive tried doing it the usual way a few times but was never able to finish doing it and ive never been able ti understand why. Recently ive gotten a gf and now doing stuff with her i cant seem to even control getting an erection, i can when im alone with ease but around her its just nothing, its around anyone really but i dont know why i dont feel insecure at all i will try tell my mind to get one but its always to no use. I really dont know what to do anymore because i dont know what’s actually wrong with me, im currently trying to stop prone masterbation to see if that will help but honestly i also am struggling with sexuality as my mind is all over the place i really dont know what to think about myself anymore but if anyone has any tips on how to even get an erection when im around her please do tell as i cant avoid sex much longer really, i really do want to do it but i cant bring my body to do it and thats what i don’t understand. Thank you

Prone masturbation is quite common and it can interfere with arousal. It is great you are starting to think about things. Are you able to talk to your gf about things? I know it might seem to difficult? Mojo will really help you calm things down, you will learn what you need to do to get back into your body and control these negative anxious thoughts. You will get your confidence back doing the exercises and will then be able to put them into partnered sex. It will be helpful for you to learn how to masturbate not using prone techniques. There is stuff on Mojo to help you do this. It wont take long if you manage to put some practice on for a few weeks. Being able to relax will be good too! Good luck!

Hey!! I was a prone masterbater all through HS and when I went to college I switched to the regular (supine) way. It was an adjustment but I will tell you it is so much better once you get going. I never went back. My advice is this… if you are in the mood to masterbate, lay on your back, just relax and go try not to do it prone anymore. Use lotion or lube and I am confident you will be able to do it supine. I was prone for YEARS and was able to reverse it you can too! If you are struggling to relax while on your back do the box breathing method.