Brand new problems

I’m 21 y/o and juts got this app a few days ago and wanting to give it a shot before I consider meds. I’ve never really had a problem with ed until recently. Up until recently Masterbation has been normal, always have tried to stay away from porn for the most part, libido has always been fine. About 3-4 weeks ago I noticed it has been a while since I had gotten hard but didn’t think much of it. I gave it some time and still nothing is working like it used to. Nothing drastic has changed in my life recently to cause this by way of extra stress or diet and I take my health very seriously so it has me worried about what happening. I normally wouldn’t care and would juts let it work itself out but I’ve been seeing this girl recently and things got too the bedroom and after a solid 45 min of foreplay nothing was happening and it was really embarrassing. She said everything was ok and that she understood cuz she deals with anxiety too but I feel like it’s subconsciously getting in between us. My main problem I’m running into is I have no idea what’s causing this. It started out of nowhere and I’ve done a bunch of research and nothing seems to fit with exactly what’s happening. Im starting to worry it’s not going to work normal again.


It’s probably the anxiety that’s getting in your way. It’s tough because not getting up leads to anxiety which leads to not getting it up - it feeds itself. Try the mental exercises on this app, and know that other guys have had this exact issue and got past it once they were able to calm their mind. It doesn’t hurt to check with your doctor too to make sure there’s nothing physical going on.


my bro i don’t know you but please stop doing the research and just focus on this app. there’s nothing wrong with you, trust me. that’s the mistake i did, lost my erection and google fed me up with so much bull shit. just do the breathing exercise and some likkle therapy. trust me there’s nothing wrong with you. it’s ALL IN YOUR HEAD