Confused by the phases

I’m not fully understanding how the phases are supposed to work you do the excersize for like a week and then the following phase there’s different stuff. The penis root thing for example, that was like one or two weeks and then it’s on to different stuff how are you supposed to make any progress with that if you’re only doing it for the two phases and then it’s start stop and senate? I assume the penis root technique doesn’t just magically yield results after a couple weeks of trying it out?

Where have they ever used the word root? Maybe they’ve changed it, they’ve changed some of the exercises while I’ve had the app… but I really don’t know what you mean by ‘penis root’.

There was a phase that involved something called penis root masturbation for like two phases and it was supposed to be something you do regularly and then on like phase 3 or 4 it just wasn’t there anymore and no real guidance on how to continue with it

Thanks for this feedback! We’re gonna work on making this better but in the mean time our scientific experts will respond here on Monday answering your question!

We personalize the exercises you see so you might not have come across this one!

Any updates on this?

I was more talking about my original post, the penis root thing for example it was only part of the program for like two weeks and then it was no longer there, how does one make progress on something like that if it’s only a couple weeks?

Paraphrasing the advice I’ve gotten: "It’s important to concentrate on and get accustomed to the technique for the first few weeks. After this initial period, you can begin incorporating the ‘stop-start’ method. Use a scale from 1 to 10 to get better at recognizing the ‘point of inevitability.’

If you find this helpful, continue to use Root Masturbation at the start of your exercises, paying attention to how it aids you. You might find that over time, you won’t need it, but it will be crucial to gauge your feelings, sensations, thoughts, and emotions as you practice. Remember, the treatment plan can vary slightly for each individual, and the key is to be mindful of your experiences during practice."