Start/Stop and Root Masturbation

Not sure what others experiences are with Start/Stop. I’ve been finishing quickly for as far back as I can remember. Still have a very active sex life with my wife (she gets off rather quickly too), but we just wanted sex to last longer. Hence, Mojo.

I’m in phase 4 with start/stop, and need to take a break every like 30 seconds or so, but discovered that I can alternate into penis root masturbation without actually finishing until the urge subsides. Is that OK? Or does it defeat the purpose of start/stop?


Hey @spectacular-olive-elk , Mojo’s Science Lead, Grace, here!

Yes, you can bring your penis root masturbation technique into stop-start! I think that’s a brilliant way to get to know your point of no return, keep your arousal in the controllable zone, and train your focus toward the sensations at the root of your penis.

Keep up all the good work :blush:


It sounds as though you are finding ways to slow things down - and if doing some of the root masturbation helps - keep going. Well done!