Check the size of your condoms

Hey folks,

If you’re anything like me, you probably thought that bigger condom sizes where just a stupid marketing thing, seeing as people can put these things on like socks, and something people may use as a kind of humble brag.

I’ve never thought of myself as particularly well endowed, and always used just regular condoms, thinking that losing a lot of feeling is just the price you pay for safe sex.

It wasn’t until a recent sexual encounter where my partner at the time commented on it, and it gave me pause to think and look into it. Turns out regular is maybe a size smaller than perhaps recommended.

I’ve since tried a better fitting condom which was a lot more comfortable both to put on in the first place but also to wear. I’ve seen a few posts recently with people being worried around ED particularly around when putting on a condom, so I wanted to share incase this helps anyone out.


I experienced similar issues with regular sized condoms a while back. Can work with standard sized standard thickness condoms, but not extra thick cause those ones are very difficult to stretch. What you’re talking about is a very real thing that is oddly not talked about often

Honestly, i think using condoms in itself is an erection killer. But yes, if you’re partner wants you to wear one then the fit definitely matters. Too tight is uncomfortable (although ironically it does help keep the blood in place lol) and i imagine too big isn’t ideal as it could numb sensation a bit.

I think getting bigger ones helps them slide on faster and so it gets easier