Losing erection when putting condom on thick penis

Hello, my main problem is that I’m hard during foreplay but when time has come to put condom I lose erection. Problem started when i was still hard but because penis is thick, the condom was not going smoothly and was getting stuck.

Through tries i found the best choice of condoms, wide ones with dots that help condom go down easier. However even with these it needs time and attention breaking the sexual vibe and also there is psychological pressure because of previous experience.

Is there anyone who has the same issue or some advice on how to make the process easier?
I read on another post an idea of putting the condom when semi soft-semi hard and then get an erection, maybe will try it.

Just as a quick suggestion, have you tried properly-fitted/sized condoms? It’s quite common that the standard nominal width of 52mm is significantly too small. Even the “huge” well-known brands are only a tiny bit larger - typically 54/56mm.

There’s a couple of specific companies that offer sizing ranging from 45mm to 72mm. If you haven’t tried getting one that is actually the right size, I’d recommend giving that a go.

Personally I’ve found the “myONE” (formerly known as “They Fit”) ones great, they are dramatically more comfortable. In the EU, their max nominal width is 69mm. In the US, it’s only 64mm unfortunately.

I know the “My Size” ones go up to 72mm, but I haven’t tried those. Not sure where they ship.

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Thank you very much for the reply! No, I didn’t know these choices. I will definitely give them a try!

I know this is really late to answer and I hope you’ve found your solution!
I have a similar issue too. First of all, the previous comment is right, the correct size is essential. But I’d like to add that if you’re still struggling, know that this is relatively common. There’s a few things you can do, one is to practice by yourself before trying to have sex using them, the other is to incorporate putting the condom on into foreplay by letting her do it so you can stay in the moment.