Cant keep erection with my wife all of a sudden

Im 33 year old male, married for 7 years, 3 kids. Sex was always great. Then my wife and I didnt have any sex for a year and a half after she got pregnant with our 3rd due to very difficult pregnancy and then about 8 months after due to stress, lack of sleep, breastfeeding etc. We recently started having regular intercourse again and I cant stay hard all of a sudden. Even when I get hard enough for penetration, I quickly get soft. Im very attracted to my wife and she looks incredible naked so this is extremely frustrating to say the least. Whenever were about to have sex now i can feel my heart start to race and I even start shaking sometimes. I guess im worried i wont give her the mindblowing sex that I want to. Could this sexual performance anxiety been possibly triggered by the long time without it? Can just more frequent sex cure this? I just signed up for mojo so im going to try it out and see what happens. Has anyone else had this happen after a long time without sex? Thanks a lot

This happened to me, 20 year anniversary this year, shaking too. Same situation. Go through the exercises on this site. My doc also gave me a prescription for tadalafil which you can take and it lasts 24 hours to give you a boost. Box breathing helped with me, also realised I was gripping myself too tight when by myself which has caused issues. Hope this helps. Good luck. Talk it all through and be honest about your feelings and anxiety.