Can't get an erection just before starting sex

I am 55 years old and sometimes when I try to have sex with my partner, I can be excited and have an erection but the moment we start taking off our clothes my brain goes… everywhere and the game is over. I am on 5 mg of daily Cialis, I am also eating clean, losing weight, have my blood pressure under control and I have morning wood and erections on and off throughout the day. Thank you, TRT.
So what is wrong with me?


Same here. Since I started mojo I’m feeling like I’ve turned a corner. I talk about it to my partner and she’s really supportive, too. I feel like it’s time to rebuild our sex life.

Yep… me too… and if you look a many of these posts… a lot of us are in this position.
For me I’m sure it’s performance anxiety and spectatoring.
Mojo has really helped me… follow the exercises get out of your head… and it works…
I’m 60+ and never had this issue until I started a new relationship with someone….”out of my league”…. And that is where it started… but I’m getting there……

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Great that Mojo is helping. The exercises really do help you notice when you are in your head and feelings of anxiety. It is about practicing getting into your body and out of your head. Communication is also key, taking the pressure of you. It can be a real chance to work on your relationship which will also help you both share what you need and enjoy. : )

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Here’s a tip that worked for me:
Tilt your hip forward and position it in line with your core/body. When you do this you should notice an extension of your penis making it look even longer. Test your posture by tilting your hip backward and forward engaging your glutes without contracting them too much. Once you find the sweet spot (the optimal position of your hips) your erections should improve because of a better blood flow to your penis.
It changed my sex life :+1:t2: