Can we do reprogramming negative thoughts everyday?

This kind of works when we think of ourselves as losers. How frequently can it be done?

I think it’s important to write down your thoughts, as it helps to clarify what’s actually going on in your mind. It doesn’t always have to be about something sexual or related to erectile dysfunction. Thoughts can be dangerous if you get lost in them. Writing them down can provide a clear understanding and prevent you from drowning in them. It also allows you to give reasonable answers and helps you move past them.

When I was dealing with depression, writing down my thoughts helped me a lot. It’s better to have your thoughts on paper than stuck in your mind. Make sure to write down the good things about yourself too. Don’t criticize yourself, as you’re likely already doing that in your mind. It’s better to speak kindly to yourself to build better self-confidence.


One technkque my therapist gave me is this: write down your thoughts and how you felt, then take a minute, re read what you just have written, then go to a dictionary and lookup the definition of rhe main important words and its synonims.

If the definition does not exactly des ribe how you felt lookuo another symonim until you find one that matches. For example if i wrote i felt angry or mad at myself when I didnt have an erection, i lookup the definition of mad and angry and check if that is how i really felt, perhaps I was in fact dissapointed and not angry / mad, etc this allows to precisely narrow down our thoughts and not enclose under the same description different feelings that are not the same

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