Reprogramming negative thoughts exercise

I’ve run out of negative thoughts I’ve had during recent sexual experiences for the reporgramming exercise. I’ve only had 2-3 negative thoughts with recent sexual partners and have covered them all. Now I haven’t had any recent sexual experiences and don’t get much out of exercise at moment so I mark complete which i feel guilty about. Is there some kind of close alternative exercise I could (maybe extending negative thoughts outside of sexual realm or something like that)?

Yes, you can definitely use this technique outside of specific sexual experience. It can be used on any negative thought surrounding sex or even in just regular life.

That said, you can redo old thoughts repeatedly and focus on the new positive thoughts to strengthen the ideas.

I’ve been using that exercise to reprogram all negative thoughts I have. Like you I don’t have any recent sexual experiences to use so instead I’m trying to fix the other negative self talk that I do outside of sex.

But even if you don’t have those to reprogram, don’t feel guilty about skipping it. This is your journey and if a part of this program isn’t a fit for you at the moment then skip it and move on. Maybe it’ll be useful at a later point or maybe it won’t. But feeling guilty over it definitely won’t be useful or helpful.