Can’t keep an erection

So this began last year with a woman who was a friend and then whom became my sexual partner. All was fine at first, but then I realised we couldn’t be more than just friends so the problem began. But I have been with women since her and the same thing happens: I get hard, but as soon as I go to put it in, it’s gone. Hand jobs, blow jobs, fine. Penetration, gone. I have just began a new relationship and this has happened twice. The second time all I could think about was ‘need to keep it up’, but that pressure I put myself under then made it happen again. Getting to a stage at which I don’t want sex…and that is just not me!


We’re all going through it bro, it’s perfectly normal. You got this, follow some of the exercises, listen to the podcasts. They’ve definitely helped me out big time.
Also cut out porn and masturbation for a bit, see if that has any effect. Stay strong :muscle:t2:


Stay strong

Big part of all of this is your mindset and what your thinking before and during sex

You need to get out of your head and just enjoy the moment ( I know easier said than done) but meditation work for me so give it a go!!

You need to really believe that you can have sex and cum with an erection, really believe that it’s just sex not big deal and even time it doesn’t happen…it’s progress not a failure , just one step closer

You can do this , we all can !!

Good luck my friend