Anyone had success re-sensitising their penis?

I struggle with an inability to finish most times I have sex, especially when wearing condoms. I feel
I’ve broke my penis by masturbating too hard over the years and am hoping I can fix this by trying to stave off it for a while, often avoiding masturbating in the days before a potential date or encounter.

I know alcohol also makes my situation a lot worse but I need a few drinks to feel more confident first and also only really enjoy drinking dates.

If I go too long I get tired and stuck in my head which makes things worse and more likely I’ll
flop or fake an orgasm to avoid hurting feelings

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I think keep doing the soft penis pleasuring activity on here and try to work towards getting out of the mindset of you’ve “broke your penis” because you haven’t! Positive self talk can go a long long way, and being more confident about your penis and what it can do will help you.


Remember one thing that our body has great tendencies to heal itself. Specially muscles and nerves. So give it time. Don’t touch yourself for 10 days. No porn. Get off of social media or any other platform where you get your pleasure from. After 10 days, start teasing your penis. Don’t yet jerk off or grab hard. Just tease with light finger brushes. Do kegel exercise of 10 reps 3 sets, just like any other workout. Continue this for next 10 days. Remember no hard grips or masturbation.
Let it heal and regain sensitivity. Meanwhile keep sensating yourself too.


Agreed, the key here isn’t avoiding porn and masturbation only. You have to avoid all of the other dopamine drip type things. Your brain needs a reset from the constant barrage of dopamine triggering experiences, of which porn is just one

As others have said give it time and start with soft penis pleasuring. I’d also recommend a flesh light in the future to avoid the “death grip”. I have mostly been avoiding porn as it makes me less mindful about how I am masturbating and finding actual stimulation that feels good.

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I purchased a flesh light but my dick won’t co-operate, so disappointed.

Which one is that my friend? I haven’t gotten far enough into the app to find it.