Anyone else go on and off?

I can always get hard at first. But I know before even starting foreplay if I’ll stay hard or not, it’s like a feeling I have in general…

And so I know that if I’m not constantly being touched I’ll instantly go soft, and sometimes during sex I’ll go soft. Mojo has helped incredibly with getting hard again, and simmering should be able to increase my sex drive in general so I feel more turned on, but it feels like Mojo won’t be able to help me with staying hard when I have that premonition of not being very turned on. It mentions that porn isn’t an issue, but I just wonder if it is affecting my mentality of real life foreplay / sex :thinking:

Maybe this happens to everyone though, days where you just won’t be/stay hard no matter what, I’m not very sure

Hey man. I also am able to get hard off the bat. But once I pull it out and we start i definitely get in my head. I also feel like I have to be stimulated pretty constantly to keep it up. I hate taking breaks between to like grab a condom or if she’s super peculiar about making the setting “perfect” (dimming the lights, lighting candles, having music). It’s like if I’m ready I’m ready you know. So yeah I feel you on that.