Don't stay hard

So I’m usually hard during foreplay but once she comes it drops and won’t come back. I know I could probably do it if sex was first but our sexlife has always been me getting her off first then full sex

Same here - in solidarity - hoping mojo may help.

I feel once she comes she isn’t so interested in me … and then I feel like I’m using her and then we go down hill from there.


Maybe feeling like you have to satisfy her is inadvertently putting too much pressure on yourself to perform. Her pleasure seems to be your ‘on’ switch. Maybe you feel like you don’t have a purpose if you’re not doing that

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I’ve had exactly the same experience. I never thought about it in that way before. I try and put her first and the attention I pay it takes a lot of concentration.

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Mojo is really going to help you work out what is going on in your head and your body. It will give you confidence in getting and maintaining your erections. However, I really hear that you are not totally happy with how things pan out with your partner. Often men are so concerned with making things ok for their partners they forget about their own needs and arousal. If you can, I would suggest having a conversation - preferably out of bed., when you are both in a calm place. You can ask how they feel about things and then you can have the opportunity to say how you are finding things and what might be helpful. Communication is the most important part of good sex in a relationship - you will both benefit. Good luck!

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