Advise please on getting it up

Hi everyone,

Hoping you can help. When I get a really good connection with a woman, I find it hard to get it up. Rocks a semi but can’t penetrate.

Happened me last night with this girl I really like. It was our first time trying it as had to put in a graft but I was so worried about pleasing her.

How do I get out of my head

Part of the program! Keep going through it and it’ll work wonders :slight_smile:


Change the priority of your thoughts, it’s very easy to overthink about your performance and worries while your drive for sex lowers since… that’s not where your headspace is at. Focus on the moment, pay attention to your partner and how you both can feel good. It’s a struggle I personally deal with but with practice I promise you, you will get better at it.


Resonate completely with this… my partner of now 4 months and I have fallen madly in love, I’ve never felt so good and so connected to someone before (I’m in my 30s) and I’ve had this problem with the women I really like in the past.

It’s happened on and off since the start, but the last 3-4 times consistently where I either couldn’t get hard, couldn’t maintain an erection (even after penetration) and if I did, I was coming so quickly. It’s humiliating and demoralising…

You’ll get through it. I had a rough night of it last night. I’m trying to do the program and I see how it helps in ways, but it just takes one ED/PE moment to get me back to square one… Any advice on this and my fellow bro above welcome!
What parts of the course are people finding works best for this? Cheers