What would you say to someone who has experienced erection issues for the first time?

Get all the help you can. Keep trying new things.

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You are clearly not alone, this is not uncommon and it’s nothing to be ashamed about. There is help out there and many examples of success in overcoming this issue.

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Remind yourself that you’re not a machine. You’re a thinking, feeling, unpredictable living being, not something that will always reliably produce the same result in response to stimulus. So really having erection issues just proves that you are human.


The first time doesn’t mean every time. Be kind to yourself and reflect on what happened.

It is more common than you might think, but it often waxes and wanes. You are not alone.

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If I had to say anything it would be take a big breathe and just open up, the anxiety slips away once you share your feelings and worries

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Just because it happened once, that does not mean it will happen in the future. You are not alone in experiencing this. Try to focus on your body if you get in your head about this happening again.

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You will get past this. Focus on the touch. This happens to many people.

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It is something that happens to most if not all people and just because it has happened once does not mean it will continue to happen. Men are always expected to be up for sex any time any place- are women always up for it? of course not, In the same way do not expect yourself to be ready for sex at al times.

It’s not going to happen every time. It’s not your fault. With proper communication, exercises, and meditation you’ll be confident again and it’s all going to be okay

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Accept your thoughts and really try to focus on your breath and sensations. It really does help and over time you will start to get more comfortable with yourself. In your free time, try to imagine yourself in the scenario that caused you erection issues, and put yourself in them. Fighting the problems you have head-on really does work the most out of everything.

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it happens and it is OK

There are a variety of reasons that this occurs, the good news is that they’re all natural, and shared by many more men than you can think of. Erection issues arise as an effect at a crossroads of separate issues, e.g. self-esteem, source of validation, anxiety, diet, emotional state, sense of connection to individual - intimacy, emotional and physical. You can identify these issues and work through them in your own time and you can solve these issues. You can even be grateful for having erection issues as it is an opportunity for you to see yourself, and what’s holding you back from living life to the full. You are not alone, and you will be okay. <3

if a girl was having issues getting wet I would comfort her because I will still like them

Don’t freak out about it. I know I did the first time, thinking I was the only person in the world that this was happening too. This was about a year ago and I now realise it’s a very common problem and I am not alone.

Don’t over analyze and be open with your partner

Do not think about it too much. It happens and its ok. Work on your relationship with women.

From what I’ve learned, something is not actually wrong with you. It’s actually the complete opposite: everything is working as it should. Most likely your mind is trying protect you from something, you should start be trying to understand what it is.

It happens to us all at some point mate, try not to overthink it !

I would share my own experience. Break the barrier and talk openly.