What sort of voices do you like for audio exercises that help you with your sexual issues? Why?

A natural soft voice, as text to speech is unnatural and distracting

Gentle female voice

Female voices

I like female voices, but I’m a straight guy. I felt that the female voice in Directed masturbation 1 felt rushed. I liked that exercise and did find benefit from it. Yet had it been a minute or so longer and not had a rushed feeling it would’ve been a much better exercise. I like the male voice that does the meditations.

soft female

Female voices turn me on since it reminds me of a sexual partner engaging with me during foreplay

Male voices take the pressure off.

Deep, relaxing male voices as in the first introductory meditation exercises. My Partner was a broadcaster and had such a voice and I miss it so much since he has been so seriously I’ll and unable any longer to communicate effectively since his brain bleeds

Soft male voice

Soft and soothing male voice

Soft female voice

Soft female voices would be best, although any calm voice would work.


I’m gay so prefer the male voice

soft female voice because it helps with arousal.

Female, but I don’t mind to be guided by a male voice. After all, they are only present at te beggining of the masturbation.

Female or that doctor in the meditations

Woman’s voices by far

I prefer female voices as that is the voice I expect during sexual encounters.

this, because its a female.